Our mission is to build the finest products available: Performance driven solutions that are functional, minimal, and timeless. We are craftsmen. We pay attention to details. We forgo quantity for quality, knowing that the product we build is not better than the hands that create it.


Quality & Craftsmanship

We believe using the finest materials, craftsmanship, and attention to detail that is unparalleled in the industry sets us apart from our competition. Good design improves people’s lives and should be crafted to your individual tastes. Every project is approached thoughtfully and collaboratively to create a finished product that is a reflection of who you are.



Our unique capabilities enable us to have complete control over the execution of the design concept, from the development of the first sketch through the end of construction. Using the latest technology and communication tools, we deliver your dream on time, on budget, and exactly how you want it, all while leading you effortlessly through the process.

“The KG team did an amazing job, our facility is beautiful and we get tons of compliments. Thank you for helping me make a dream come true.” 

– Mountain West Gymnastics

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Our business philosophy centers on providing you with an incredible design and build experience from the concept to production. We believe our blended expertise makes us more innovative & insightful.

Our team carefully considers essential components and guides you through the selections and process making sure every detail is unique to you and exactly how you envisioned it..

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